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Press Release

Hill’s introduces the World’s First Nutritional Solutions for Addressing Concurrent Conditions

Hill’s™ Prescription Diet ™ Metabolic + Mobility Canine and Metabolic + Urinary Feline are the first and only foods with 
clinically proven nutrition to fully address weight and joint conditions in dogs and weight and urinary conditions in cats 


PRAGUE, Czech Republic (April 20, 2015) – Hill’s Pet Nutrition is introducing Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ 
Metabolic + Mobility Canine and Metabolic + Urinary Feline, the first and only foods with clinically proven nutrition to address common concurrent health conditions. 


Veterinarians have long noted the link between obesity and canine osteoarthritis and feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), with numerous studies showing that excess weight can worsen these conditions. However, managing weight and canine mobility or weight and FLUTD together has often required complicated regimens that can be difficult for pet parents to follow. 


“Concurrent conditions are difficult to manage successfully, often requiring multiple management options and longer recovery time.” said Hein Meyer, DVM, PhD, Director Professional Affairs at Hill’s. “Sometimes it creates the challenge of deciding which condition to focus on first when really the only way to effectively address both is to work together.” 


Hill’s two new products are based upon the revolutionary nutrition of Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ Metabolic, which has become the new standard for weight loss and weight maintenance since its introduction two years ago. Hill’s scientists have taken this powerful technology and combined it with:


· Prescription Diet™ j/d™ dog food’s ability to help dogs walk, run and jump more easily in just 21 days, to create Metabolic + Mobility Canine [i]

· And Prescription Diet™ c/d™ Multicare cat food’s effect of dissolving struvite stones and reducing the recurrence of feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC) signs by 89 percent, to create Metabolic + Urinary Feline [ii] 


These formulas present a new approach for addressing a growing problem. The latest estimates suggest that more than 50 percent of dogs and cats presented to veterinary clinics are overweight or obese. As that number increases, so do the number of dogs and cats with obesity-related concurrent conditions. 


Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ Metabolic + Mobility


For dogs, just like people, excess weight means increased physical stress and force on the joints and can lead to mobility issues. Prescription Diet™ Metabolic + Mobility is the first nutrition clinically proven to reduce body weight by 13 percent in 60 days [iii] and improve mobility in as little as 21 days [iv] 


“Weight loss and exercise represent two critical components for countering the effects of osteoarthritis,” Meyer said. “Metabolic + Mobility Canine helps by activating a dog’s natural ability to burn excess body fat. It also contains high levels of EPA and glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to help break the cycle of inflammation and help maintain joint cartilage.” 


Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ Metabolic + Urinary


For cats, this is the first nutrition clinically proven to reduce body weight by 11 percent in 60 days [v] [vi] (average 27 days in vivo study in urolith forming cats). And the nutrition in Metabolic + Urinary is also clinically proven to reduce the recurrence of FIC signs by 89% [vii] , representing a long-term solution to what is often a recurring problem. 


Caring for Pets with Concurrent Conditions


To ensure the long term compliance of pet parents and the health of their pets, both Metabolic + Mobility and Metabolic + Urinary can be fed for weight maintenance once ideal weight is reached. 


“Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ Metabolic + Mobility and Metabolic + Urinary formulations are another example of Hill's long-term investment in clinical nutrition and providing veterinarians with effective solutions for these complicated cases,” Meyer said. “Together we can help transform the lives of the millions of pets suffering from concurrent conditions.” 


About Hill’s Pet Nutrition


Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. manufactures Hill’s™ Prescription Diet™ brand pet foods, dietetic pet foods available only through veterinarians, and Science Plan™ and Ideal Balance™ wellness brand pet foods sold through veterinarians and finer pet specialty stores. Founded more than 70 years ago with an unparalleled commitment to pet well-being, Hill's’ mission is to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. For more information about Hill's, our products and our nutritional philosophy visit, or visit us on Facebook, keywords "Hill’s Pet Nutrition." 


Contact: Hein Meyer Hill’s Pet Nutrition


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