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Joint Care


Clinically proven nutrition
to improve mobility in
as little as 21 days*

Formulated to support

healthy cartilage

Contains Omega-3 fatty acids

for healthy joints

With antioxidants to

neutralise free radicals

Testimonials from other Vets (j/d)


Awareness video for your practice – Cat


Joint CARE

Prescription Diet™ j/d™ foods

• Improves mobility in as little as 21 days in dogs and 28 days in cats*

• Supports the metabolism of joints in cases of osteoarthritis

• Soothes and eases aching joints 

• Helps maintain healthy cartilage 

Also available in Reduced Calorie formula for dogs

Weight + Joint

Prescription Diet™ Metabolic+Mobility

• Full-stvrength efficacy of Metabolic plus j/d™ 

• Clinically proven nutrition to support joint health and reduce body weight

• Improves dogs' ability to run, walk and jump in just 21 days*

• Powerful ingredients work together to help kick-start the body’s natural ability to burn excess fat


Prescription Diet™ k/d™+Mobility

• Full-strength efficacy of k/d™ plus j/d™

• Supports a longer and better quality of life

• Improves mobility in as little as 21 days in dogs and 28 days in cats*

• Supports alertness and vitality in older pets


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